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Charity Fund Raising
We are on a mission. A mission to do a good thing. While we are out having the most unsurpassed escapade of our survival we felt it was only right to give something back. We aim to raise over £6000 for our three charities. Who you might ask are we bestowing with our inordinate donation, all will be explained by following the link. Help us, help the world, one donation at a time. Thank you.
Kettering General Hospital charity fund (KGH)
As a way of saying thank you to the staff and ward for saving Alan’s Grandmothers life. The MX-Farmers would like to raise a minimum of £500 for KGH charity fund, with the money being raised going towards training staff and nurses to help with treatment and recovery of patients in their ward and hospital. In the hope more people can be helped like Alan’s Grandmother.
Farming Community Network (FCN)
The Farming Community Network (FCN) is a charity that is there to support those in the farming community who are struggling with their mental health. They in partnership with two other charities support the farming help line but of the three charities they are the most experienced with mental health issues. For Jonathan, this journey is as much about raising money for the FCN and the work they do as it is a merry jaunt across the world. We want to raise £5,000 as well as awareness
Cool Earth
Cool Earth putting a halt to deforestation reduces the impact that we will make during this adventure. We need your help to make sure we save enough trees that we can be carbon neutral for 10,000 miles. Hopefully we can raise £500 to help.
Now we're MX-Farming
Two intrepid swashbucklers will attempt to take on the gruelling mission to drive to Mongolia in nothing less than a glorious nineteen something old Mazda MX-5. This mission will take the adventures to their limits, daring to go too far. This will be a test of friendship, trust, life and most importantly the MX-5’s suspension. This is no drive to the local shop. This will be a once in a life time adventure, an opportunity to break free from the shackles of everyday life. A chance to show the world what they are made of, a chance to prove their worth, a chance to show they aren’t completely useless. The page is blank ready for the story to be written, the songs ready to be sung, the honour ready to be earnt.  
This is their moment…  

The challenge is simple… ish 
• Buy a car for a packet of crisps and piece of gum 
• Aim to raise a minimum £5500 for charity  
• Drive car 10,000 miles through as many countries as possible 
• Enjoy everything going wrong 
• Reach Mongolia without killing each other 
What could be simpler…? 

The Team
The team is made up of 2 agricultural engineers from Harper Adams University, both studying their masters. They meet back in the winter of 2015 during a group activity to build a paper straw bridge. It was in this activity the bromance germinated. 3 years later and it’s time to put this love affair to the ultimate test.
A mere dairy farmer from Ireland ripped from the farm and thrown into London, he dreams of the rolling hills of Éirinn and the smell of his cows. He now plies his trade to the world of lean manufacturing hoping to one day bring his knowledge back to the agricultural world and take it by storm.  
When Jon isn’t dreaming of cows or lean manufacturing his life, his focus is on riding his motorbikes, listening to music and enjoying a proper cup of tea.  
He is a man driven for success, the leader, the captain of this ship, this is a man capable of talking his way into anything, including a speeding ticket.  

A 45 year old man trapped in a 20 somethings body. He is only happy when there is something to moan about. He usually moans about modern day technology, modern music or just the youth of today. He dreams of owning a farm with a pub, so every night he can sit next to the fire and fall asleep moaning about life.  
When Alan isn’t moaning he is often found running around on a sports pitch of some sort usually football or cricket.  
He is a simple man, does as he is told and will probably spend most of the adventure on the phone to his beautiful girlfriend.

Mazda MX5
The key to success lies in this small, nippy, bundle of joy. This is a car made to be driven, to be enjoyed, to be experienced. It’s rear wheel drive makes it a trance to drive on tarmac. However dirt roads, like those in Mongolia, might pose an issue. We will wait and see…  
This car not only boasts the iconic pop-up headlights, but could rival the Land Rover defender for a car made of the most rust. With a claimed MPG of 30 we should be able to breezes past most petrol stations  
“The world’s best-selling sports car” now we will see what it is made of.  

Country Video Log
Keep up to date with the adventurers and discover how far they have got on the incredible journey half way around the world. Regular video log will be uploaded as they travel through different countries and see the sights in this rust bucket with no roof but pop up headlights.
My Mental Journey
Follow all the latest news and video dairies as Jon investigates the mental challenges and stress that adventures like this can create. He hopes by doing this it will help Farmers and others that are struggling with mental wellbeing, to seek out help and take the first step to recovery, through talking about the problem.
Details coming soon.
Harper Adams University
Both Alan and Jon attend Harper Adams University, studying their MEng in Agricultural Engineering. Harper Adams University was founded in 1901, set on a 635 hectare farm in the heart of Shropshire, with the aim of tackling future food development. The university are the leading specialist, offering course from food productions to animal sciences, engineering, land management and sustainable business.
The Woods Brewery Ltd.
Founded in 1980 in Wistanstow near Craven Arms, the Wood Brewery was Shropshire’s first real ‘craft’ brewer. Brewing a wide range of natural real ales at its brewery near the Shropshire Hills – including its renowned Shropshire Lad and Shropshire Lass – the staff at Woods are proud to continue their association with Harper Adams and support the intrepid explorers Alan and Jon in their journey across the continents.
Automotive Componets (Salop) Ltd
A locally run motor factor in Newport, Shropshire Est in 1978 with over 60 years of experience supplying car parts & accessories for all makes of vehicle to trade and retail customers.
Farrington Oil Ltd
Founded in 2005 by fourth-generation farmer Duncan Farrington, Farrington Oils were Britain’s first seed-to-bottle producer of cold pressed rapeseed oil. Based in Hargrave, Northamptonshire, they grow, press and bottle their award-winning rapeseed oil on Duncan’s family farm to LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming) Marque standards.
DMack Tyres
DMACK is a British high performance motorsport, road, truck and trackday tyre manufacturer. Approved tyre suppliers to the FIA World Rally Championship.
Ozzy's Sports Bar
A Shropshire pub once owned by rock legend Ozzy Osbourne, now a fantastic sports bar in the heart of Newport. With a lively atmosphere and live sport on all day there is nowhere better to grab a pint and watch the game. With the cheapest prices, best beer and greatest bar staff in town…
Coroprate Sponsorship
Ever wanted to sponsor a rally car, advertise your company to half the known world or just put your face on the side of a car travelling across the beautiful country side of Asia. Well now is your chance. Not only do we need to raise money for charity, we also need to find a way to pay for all this absurdity. If you are interested follow the link and get in touch. We will do pretty much almost anything for money.
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