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This is a call out to all those business owners that want see their brand on the side of a sports car. For professionals that can advertise on the side of this four wheeled machine. Modern motor sports are covered in advertisement, but driving to Mongolia that is the big one, the daddy of them all. This is the Dakar rally, without the dak or car. Formula 1 missing the formula. The world superbikes just on four wheels. This is a once in a life time opportunity to see your brand on the side of a car broken down in the arse end of Tajikistan. Be seen on an international stage, be famous to the villagers of Kyrgyzstan, be a hero in the hearts of those from Uzbekistan. Don’t just sponsor our car, be a part of something special. 
We have lots of sponsorship opportunities available and there isn’t much we aren’t willing to do in the name of raising a few pounds. We are only poor students and we need all the financial help we can get to make sure we can afford to take this rust bucket 10,000 miles. If you would like to help out a couple of students in need, please get in touch and we can negotiate what’s on offer. 

Fancy seeing your brand on a global scale ?
You can contact us @ [email protected]
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