Charity Fund Raising
Ketting General Hospital
Alan’s grandmother Frances spent nine weeks at Kettering General Hospital over Christmas and New Year of 2014-2015 after being diagnosed with an aggressive form of lymphoma. Whilst at Kettering General Hospital, Frances was a patient in the Lilford Ward. After leaving the hospital in January 2015, Frances continued to receive chemotherapy as an outpatient. It was the staff in Liford Ward and the haematology services at Kettering General Hospital that saved her life. Frances is now in remission and receiving regular check-ups. She uses her hobby of weaving to make scarves, table runners and tea towels, anything that can be made out of wool to sell as a way to raise money for the hospital and ward to say thank you.  
As a way of saying thank you to the staff and ward for saving Alan’s Grandmothers life. The MX-Farmers would like to raise a minimum of £500 for KGH charity fund, with the money being raised going towards training staff and nurses to help with treatment and recovery of patients in their ward and hospital. In the hope more people can be helped like Alan’s Grandmother.  
Thank you for any donations that can be made.  

Mental Health in Agriculture
Jonathan spent the best parts of his childhood helping his uncle’s family dairy farm in Ireland. His love for dairy farming meant that when he left school at 18, he flew to New Zealand to work on a dairy farm and subsequently became the farm’s Herd Manager. Once he started his engineering degree at Harper Adams University he then wangled a job on the universities dairy farm where he worked for nearly two years. Along his farming journey he saw first-hand both the physical and sometimes more importantly, the mental strain that the farming lifestyle imposes on people. He too faced challenges with his own mental wellbeing both inside and outside of his farming life. In recent years there has been a huge push in the agricultural, forestry and fishery sector to reduce deaths by work related accident. Between 2016/17 the HSE published that there were 27 injuries. What is less widely reported is the ONS publication that between 2011 and 2015, there was an average of 84 suicides per year in the Farming community in the UK. The Farming Community Network (FCN) is a charity that is there to support those in the farming community who are struggling with their mental health. They in partnership with two other charities support the farming help line but of the three charities they are the most experienced with mental health issues. For Jonathan, this journey is as much about raising money for the FCN and the work they do as it is a merry jaunt across the world.
Cool Earth
Cool Earth is the official charity for the Mongol Rally and it is therefore our challenge to raise a minimum of £500 for them. Cool Earth work to stop deforestation through work with rainforest communities. They work with the local communities to improve the peoples way of life, this has a knock on effect of stopping large scale commercial logging or extractive industries. The money raised is invested in the local peoples livelihood, forest health and community investments. 
Cool Earth putting a halt to deforestation reduces the impact that we will make during this adventure. We need your help to make sure we save enough trees that we can be carbon neutral for 10,000 miles. 
Thank you for any donations that can be made. 

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